Below are essays written by the engineers, architects and landscape architects on the various bridges on the tour.

Gareth Collins

Gareth is the Principal Manager Centre for Urban Design at Roads and Maritime Services and is the co-author of ‘Beyond the Pavement’, recipient of the 2010 Australia Award for Urban Design and ‘Bridge Aesthetics’. He convenes the RMS Bridge Urban Design Panel with the Government Architect and has an ongoing design advisory role in the management of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He is the current president of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects NSW.

Ross de la Motte

Ross de la Motte is a Principal of HASSELL, and is an architect and landscape architect with expertise in urban design, master planning, transport and infrastructure projects, interpretive design and the rehabilitation of derelict sites. His experience includes projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Bruce Judd

Bruce Judd is a civil engineer and worked with the RTA for 26 years during which time he was involved in the bridge design and construction supervision of numerous structures such as Mooney Mooney Creek Bridge and Superintendent of the ANZAC Bridge. He was also the Project Manager for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

Hari Kishan

During his 33 years with the RTA, Structural Engineer and Project Manager, Hari Kishan was involved in the design of a number of bridges including the South Western Freeway. He was also responsible for the maintenance and operation of bridges in the Sydney metropolitan area including the Harbour Bridge.

Peter Mould

Peter Mould was NSW Government Architect from 2006 to 2012. He has over 40 years experience in Australia and overseas in both the private sector and government. Peter is currently a member of the City of Sydney Design Advisory Panel, the Victorian Design Review Panel, the South Australian Capital City Design Review Panel, the Sydney Olympic Park Design Review Panel, the Sydney Opera House Eminent Architects Panel, the Sydney Opera House Conservation Council and the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct Committee. He also sits on design juries for competitions and projects in Australia and New Zealand.

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